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On The Day – Vanguard Way Marathon

The Richmond Park Full Marathon –  Sunday 21 May 2017 – 9.30am
Important / Useful information for all runners

Please refer to the following information to ensure you have a safe & enjoyable race experience on 18th May 2014 at the Richmond Park Marathon (“RPM”).

1. Course

The Vanguard Way Marathon Course 2017.
There is a full mapped route shown below – 13.1 miles out, and then back to sunny Croydon = 26.2 miles in total!
Also – we will be following the definitive route from the Vanguard Way website , the link is shown below – we will be covering sections one and 2 just up to the junction of the end of Broomlands Lane and the A25 Westerham Road – then turn around and return back along the same path – the views both out and back, will look different and amazing!.
There are also 2 short videos you can watch to give you a flavour of the out route from Croydon to Selsdon,Farleigh, Chelsham , Woldingham and onto Limpsfield. By watching these, you will hopefully be put at ease on the navigational issues on race day.
Out from Lloyd Park to Selsdon Wood , with some classical, Eurovision, Reggae and Pop ;

Out from Chelsham to Limpsfield , with some Spandau Gold and Hotel California

2. Runners Registration Table open from 8.00am to 9.15am

All the runners will collect their unique race number – most of them with have their names on – those who registered early will, the others will be written on for them – so we can all pretend we really know each other’s first names, nice ice breaker right ?!

3. Start Time – 9.30am sharp

The marathon will start at 9.30am sharp – ! With that in mind , please get there nice and early , park and get changed in the changing rooms which we have booked for our marathon runners – the showers will be there after the race as well , so please bring a towel ,soap, gel and a change of clothes – we have standards in South Croydon !

4. Car Parking

There is free car parking at Lloyd Park – but you may only be allowed to park for 3-4 hours – so unless you are Paula Radcliffe or Dave Ross (sorry Dave, you’re a sub 3 !!) please can you use the vast spaces of Melville Ave, Ballater Road, Castlemaine Ave and Croham Park Ave. See the google map link to where these roads are , just across from the race entrance

5. Public Transport

This is simple for you train lovers – get to East Croydon train station , then get on a tram for 3 stops and get off at Lloyd Park (takes 5 mins)- Destination will say New Addington .

6. Changing Area

Changing mens/women rooms open from 730am (next to Cafe) , we will lock the changing rooms once the runners have set off – please leave your valuables locked in cars or kept safe with the HQ team at Lloyds Park.

7. Bag Drop

All bags can be left in the changing rooms which will be locked until the runners return
Note: Organisers (ie myself) cannot be held responsible for any belongings or items that may go missing which are stored in the baggage area, however we are aiming to secure this area and have our marathon officials supervise bag drop off and collection – they will ensure the changing rooms remain locked.

8. Aid Stations

We will provide aid – drink and snacks/gels stations approximately after every 6 miles – so you will pass the first aid station.

9. First Aid & Communication

Limited first aid will be available at HQ any runner who feels unwell should stop and notify other runners and ask for assistance/support and we will get someone out from the the medical support team. Please do not run if you feel unwell on race day, as this is a tough out and back course. Your health and well-being is paramount to us all. Any emergencies can be phoned to the race director on 079677 29922. Please complete the medical info on the back of your race entry numbers – to assist in the event of any emergency – pens will be at HQ to help you.

10. Toilets

There will be open clean toilets at Lloyd Park – and sadly non along the course route, which is essentially in the countryside – however, there will be a pub after the 6 & 20 mile mark if you are desperate – otherwise please do as nature intended, where you feel hidden from public view.

11. Mile Markers

There will not be any individual mile markers along the course – so just have a look at the link showing the mapometer and where the estimated mile markers should be.

12. Litter along the VGW course

Please drop all your litter in the bins or area situated next to the Aid Stations or the many various bins along the course. It’s important we leave the Vanguard Way with only our footprints of the running and nothing else, to ensure the beauty and well-being of the VGW is maintained.
The next 2 laps are nice and simple (!) (approximately 7.1 miles each) and follow the Tamsin trail in a clockwise direction around the perimeter of the park.
The 2012 route has changed from last year at the request of the Parks Management.
Please be aware that this is a demanding & challenging course, given that you will encounter tough hills on each of the 3 large laps of the park. If this is your first marathon you may want to consider walking up these hills to conserve energy.
The route will be well sign-posted and there will be approximately 16 race marshals along the route, primarily at each of the 6 roads that lead into the park and at various junctions of the large first lap. Please pay attention to the marshals who will direct you across these roads, but we would also ask you to use care and discretion at busy junctions. Do please be respectful of other park users including walkers, cyclists, horse riders & motorists.

13. MP3 and other music players and road safety – IMPORTANT READ THIS PLEASE!

For your own personal safety we recommend that you do not run with MP3 music in your ears – so you can be aware of other runners and  users along the VGW. There will be a number of key road crossings that we ask you to pay extra caution, at OAKS ROAD (TRAMS), COOMBE LANE (USE THE ROAD ISLAND TO CROSS), BALLARDS WAY, CREST ROAD (USE FOOTPATH – SEE ARROWS ON FLOOR) , ADDINGTON ROAD – REPEAT ADDINGTON ROAD CAN BE QUITE BUSY , THERE IS A PELLICAN CROSSING A LITTLE FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD ON YOUR LEFT IF YOU PREFER – OTHERWISE, PLEASE WAIT FOR A SAFE OPPORTUNITY TO CROSS – DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE AND RUN ACROSS ADDINGTON ROAD – IF I HAVE A SPARE MARSHAL I WILL PLACE THEM THERE TO ASSIST – OTHERWISE , PLEASE USE YOUR COMMON SENSE ! Otherwise, the rest of the route is pretty quiet and rural , one or two others LIMPSFIELD  ROAD , THE RIDGE and TITSEY ROAD – that’s it !! Have a look at the map link to see where these are – you run and cross roads at your own risk.

14. Marshals

There will a limited number of race marshals and supporters who will be situated at some road junctions, aid stations and the HQ start and finish area. Please do bear in mind they are all giving up their time to support you on race day, and make sure it’s both fun and successful – without these people we would not be able to put on the Vanguard Way Marathon. I would encourage you, to give your thanks to our wonderful support team right throughout the day – they will be cheering you on !!
We would also urge all runners to use caution when crossing busy junctions, as marshals do not have rights to stop any traffic, but will obviously help runners at certain key points. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure care and caution is exercised when crossing roads and junctions within the park to ensure there are no accidents or injuries.

15. Spectators

We would encourage friends and families to congregate at Lloyd Park HQ to watch the finishers come in, and witness the presentation of medals and tee shirts to all of the finishers. The whole Lloyd Park is accessible so we will let you roam free to explore all the amazing sights of Croydon and beyond.

16. Refreshments

The shop at Lloyd Park will be open throughout race day itself – spectators will be able to sit outside and watch the runners leave and return while drinking a lovely coffee or tea and eating cakes and sandwiches.

17. Prize Giving and Prizes at the Finish

All marathon runners upon completion at the finish line will need to collect the following;
A Vanguard Way medal and a unique VGW 2015 tee-shirt (various sizes)
We will also have some special trophies to award to successful men/women runners in the event (first men/lady) etc.

18. Race Sweeper

A race cut off time of 7 hours (4.30pm) will be strictly adhered to. Any runners who appear to be unable to complete the distance by then we be asked to stop and return directly to Croydon HQ. A race sweeper will monitor the slowest runner/s to communicate this with the race directors. We hope as in previous years, all of our runners will safely and successfully complete the distance!

19. Results and Photographs

Results and photographs will be emailed to all the runners and results posted onto the VGW Marathon website as soon as possible after the event.